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AC Units And Brands
We Install Various AC Systems

We Install Various AC Systems

Air conditioning system comes in various types and serves different purposes. Xpress HVAC is an expert in the installation and servicing of the following air conditioner types:

Ductless Mini-Split: This is ideal for homes without ductwork. It’s easy to install and helps to cool specific areas within the home while you exempt the rooms that are not used to minimize utility costs.

Central Units: This air conditioning system provides even cooling all through the entire home while filtering and humidifying air to improve its quality. Ideally, central units last for about ten to fifteen years, so it guarantees long-term reliable performance.

Heat Pumps: Are systems that run heating and cooling off the same condensing unit. Heat pumps are mostly installed in businesses and homes where there is no gas supply. With solar energy, heat pumps are now more cost effective.

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Benefits of a New Air Conditioning System

The efficiency rating of air conditioners keeps improving over the years, which is why you need to install a new AC unit every 10 to 15 years. You will benefit from the higher energy ratings of new models. Units with ENERGY STAR certification have undergone rigorous standard checks, reducing monthly bills such as utility costs.
When you consider how much you will save over the unit lifespan, you will realize that it’s a wise financial decision to replace your old air conditioner with a new one.
Also, older AC units are not as effective at cooling than the new ones, which improve indoor air quality.
Our ACs are durable and corrosion-resistant. The new AC system ensures maximum enjoyment at home, efficient work while you sleep better.

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Air conditioning systems are complex and perform various functions. Thus, a professional is needed to install all the components. Here are the basic components of a typical AC system: 


Air duct serves as the chief air distributor within the home, i.e., from the AC system to various places in your home through vents.


Compressors help to process the refrigerant, transforming it into a high-pressure gas. While this has cooled, it provides the cool air needed for your home.


As the name implies, dust and other contaminants are removed through the filters.


The motors work with a blower to circulate air through all the connected ducts and vents in your AC unit into your home.

Air Handlers

These are indoor components that make use of a blower to circulate cooled air evenly around your home.

Evaporator Coils

It helps to siphon heat away from the refrigerant, reducing coolant temperature and subsequently cooling the air.

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The thermostat is a crucial component of an HVAC system, though it may seem like a separate component. Newer versions come with programmable digital thermostats that you can schedule for cooling and heating. Our technicians install reliable Honeywell thermostats. A Wi-Fi thermostat (Google Nest or Honeywell) allows you to access and control through your smartphones and other devices. 

Tips to Reduce Your Cooling Costs

One of the most effective options to reduce cooling costs is to install a programmable thermostat.
The unit can be set to provide warmer temperatures at different times of the day, thereby saving the unnecessary cost of cooling when it’s not needed.

Install attic insulation: Thicker insulation helps prevent warm air from escaping from your home through the roof. Also, cool air is kept within during warmer months.

Sealing your ducts: Energy is wasted through leaky ductwork. Seal the ducts, insulate the exposed areas to improve your AC system efficiency.

Using energy efficient-window coverings: Prevent air from escaping through the windows using special window film, shades, and blinds.

Tips For Lowering Your Cooling Costs
AC Units And Brands

Ac Units and Brands

Xpress HVAC offers a unique HVAC equipment brand that focuses on efficiency, integrated diagnostics systems, and quiet performance.
We use top-notch equipment, ranging from air handlers with various speed motors to variable-speed gas furnaces and energy-efficient air conditioners. Xpress HVAC also provides exceptional maintenance and emergency repair service.
We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes inspections and annual tune-ups. Our HVAC installation service comes with a 12-year warranty, which is cost-effective. You can also count on us as the best in the industry as it pertains to AC repair and replacement. We install all HVAC equipment types and assure you of a lasting use as designed by the manufacturer.

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