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How Important is Annual Maintenance of the Air Conditioning System?

Many homeowners often wonder, why should I bother about AC maintenance? They often ask these questions when they are not experiencing any noticeable issue with the AC Unit in their home. 

Why choose experts at Xpress HVAC?

For those scared of having unqualified people work on their unit, XpressHVAC is here to help. We are a team of expert HVAC contractors who are skilled and prepared to help you work on your system.
With our team of experts, the lifespan of your air conditioner is significantly increased. Basic maintenance like filter changes and tune-ups can also help reduce the workload on other air conditioner components and ensure you encounter fewer issues while using it in your home.
Failure to maintain your unit will result in spending more on major repairs in the future. The cost of replacement is massive compared to the cost of maintenance. Air Conditioners that are well maintained use less electricity, significantly reducing the cost of operation.

Additionally, when you consistently maintain your system, the system keeps firing like a new unit. As such, your home is well-conditioned at all times.
As advised by the US Department of Energy, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill with regular and up-to-date preventative maintenance. Significant improvement in air quality is also guaranteed when you make use of our HVAC maintenance experts. Since filters will be replaced and your system thoroughly cleaned, air quality in your home is improved.
Failure to improve your air quality can lead to dust building up in your home. It can also result in allergens, pathogens, and other noticeable airborne particles that can pose a significant threat to your health.
We can never overemphasize the benefit of having clean air in your home. The more time and resources you spend on maintenance, the higher your chances of keeping your unit working for an extended period. Remember the simple rule at play, spending small on maintenance will prevent you from spending more on repairing.

How to Detect When Your AC Needs Maintenance

Some signs help you know that your AC is facing significant troubles that can lead to wear and tear in the long run.
Even when you have taken good care of your AC, you can still expect the system to experience wear and tear.
Everyone should understand how to deal with minor faults on the AC. This serves as the first aid that prevents further escalation. Here are some of the pointers that help everyone know when their AC starts to malfunction.

Reduction in Air Quality

Even though you have turned on the air conditioner for hours, you may notice that the room is not getting cold, or maybe the unit is blowing hot air instead. This is a signal that your compressor is faulty; it may also show that the evaporator coil is clogged and dirty and requires cleaning. In some cases, it is a sign of low freon levels.

Airflow Restriction

When you are experiencing weak airflow from your AC, this could be a signal that the motors are worn out or that your ductwork is leaking. The chances of polluting the air and making it unsafe are high if the cause of airflow restrictions is dirt or debris.

Build-up of Moisture

When there is moisture build-up in your home, it’s a sign that the drain tube, which is supposed to remove condensation, is leaking or that the refrigerant is leaking. When not dealt with quickly, it can lead to microbiological growth or damage metal surfaces in your home.


Even though it's normal for your AC to make some noise, when it starts to make a loud noise like squealing, grating, or grinding sound, that is a sign of trouble. It is a sign that something is broken in the unit or can mean it is damaged. Lubrication of parts can be a remedy at times, but failure to quickly attend to the noise can further affect the AC.


Your air conditioner is supposed to eliminate all unwanted odors in your home. When it starts to make your home smell musty and lead to the growth of Mold, then there is a serious problem. If it is a pungent or foul smell, that may signal the burning of the wiring unit inside the AC and must be addressed quickly to avoid any serious problem like a fire accident.

Moisture Buildup

The presence of moisture can be due to a refrigerant leak or a damaged drain tube, which is designed to remove condensation when it’s working properly. Moisture can lead to rust and mold and microbiological growth.

Installing New Air Conditioner

When you install a new AC unit in your home, it unsurprisingly increases your home’s value. It also helps reduce the amount you spend on energy. Newer units of AC are more effective for cooling your home; they deliver quality air and do not require you to update your home’s HVAC unit.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), airborne pollutants are estimated to be more inside than outside. When your air conditioning system starts to malfunction, this can make your home more dangerous and unhealthier.
This calls for proper maintenance of your AC unit. The presence of indoor contaminants can contribute to your home becoming unhealthy. They significantly worsen the effect of allergens and can lead to the breaking down of your respiratory organs. For some who are allergic to dust, pollen, Mold, smoke, etc., if your air conditioner cannot filter such unwanted odor out, that can escalate their problems.
At Xpress HVAC, we can help maintain, repair, and replace your air conditioner filter and ductwork. We help eliminate all pollutants and debris that might want to cover the filter and vent. We ensure you get the best ventilation in your home at all times. We make your home safer and the air purer.

Improving Indoor Air Quality
Our Work

Maintaining Commercial HVAC

Xpress HVAC helps maintain the HVAC system of your offices, stores, hospitals, and other commercial properties. Such locations deserve the best air conditioning due to the number of people that visit commercial properties.
Your employees and visitors deserve the best, and we help you get them the best ventilation experience. We offer quality air testing, which is incorporated in our X Protection plan for keeping everyone safe. With us, you won’t have to spend more than you’ve budgeted. Irrespective quality service delivery is assured.

Our Warranty

Xpress HVAC offers you the best warranties. We offer numerous options to help you cover the cost of maintaining your HVAC without breaking the bank. Spend a meager $89 on a basic AC system tune up.

We deliver our quality service to all Southern California residents from our main offices in Orange and Los Angeles County. We are just a call away to respond to all your needs 24/7. Give us a call today, and we will thrill you with quality service.

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