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Air Conditioning Repair

Can you tell when your AC is due for repairs or replacement? Are you well acquainted with some of the AC problems? Do you know when your air conditioner is faulty? I bet you can’t possibly tell! At Xpress HVAC, we believe that the more knowledgeable you’re about air conditioning and heating repair, the greater your chances of choosing the best air conditioning service company.
We are tested and trusted for quality home services in Southern California. We’ve even got a Google Certification to show for our exceptional work. Also, our employees are well trained to deliver optimally as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our repair technicians are cherry-picked to ensure we deliver the best service in the industry.
Each technician is well versed in their craft and possesses the right communication skills to help you identify the problem and what could be done to fix it. You need not worry about your home as they’re experienced and can resolve AC problems within a short time. You’re guaranteed a lifetime warranty when you seek our service. For any arising issue, we’ll be at your beck and call to resolve it.

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Common AC Problems and Causes

Some factors can affect the working condition of an AC. There are several leading causes of air conditioning problems. They are subdivided into three:

Not Cooling Properly

The cooling effect of an air conditioner can be affected by normal wear and tear. Besides that, there are common issues that disrupt the normal functioning of an air conditioner.

Dirty Filters: Another problem which leads to the malfunctioning of the air conditioner is dirty filters. Dirty filters can result in frozen evaporator coils and high increase in energy consumption. These issues can be prevented by frequent cleaning and replacement of your AC filter.

Refrigerant: AC units with old, ineffective refrigerant or leaky coolant will alter the cooling performance of the system.

Sensor Problems: Air conditioners are built with sensors for relaying information. As time goes on, these sensors can begin sending false readings, leading to AC working inefficiently.

Thermostat Issues: Your thermostat may give incorrect air temperature, causing your system to assume it’s functioning well.

Drainage Problems: Air conditioner condensate which must be gotten rid of to prevent the accumulation of moisture and molds. If not emptied, AC drains may clog with dust, dirt, and rust, thereby causing a glitch in the air conditioning.

Dirty Coils: Heat won’t be efficiently and effectively released if condenser coils are covered in dirt or residue. Cooling of the home will be quite difficult as the air conditioner will have to work harder to create the cooling effect.

Electrical Faults: Have you tried switching on your AC and it doesn’t respond? This might be as a result of one of the following:

Electric Control Failure: 
Electrical fault may arise when compressor and fan controls wear out. These faults may be due to overworking or connections.

Thermostat Failure: There are several reasons your thermostat can fail, affecting the working condition of the air conditioner.

Faulty Motor: A faulty motor will lead to a faulty AC. Often, you’ll hear some odd sounds before the AC stops working. Conducting a capacitor test will ascertain if the motor is the main cause of AC problem.

Dirty Condensers: A condenser can get dirty with molds and algae growing on it. Twigs and branches may build up with birds setting up their nest. Except you clear off the debris, all these can stop your AC from working. You can as well clean the evaporator coils.

Lack of Power: Has your AC stopped working? There is a possibility that power isn’t supplied to it. You may not detect this on time as HVAC units have their own circuits. Ensure you check the circuit breaker.

Wiring Problem: Electrical issues may arise from wiring in the house. Check for flickering lights or pay attention to humming sounds when things are plugged in.

Limited Airflow

Many factors can cause limited airflow. Let’s consider a few.

Ductwork Issues

Airflow may be hampered when ductwork is clogged, disconnected, separated, or leaky.

Dirty Filters

AC makes use of filters to clean air, removing particulate that might want to get through the system.

Obstructed Condenser

Leaves and dirt can surround the unit, leading to airflow restriction and overheating of the system.

Faulty Blowers

Motors regulate blower fans. A slow motor or dirty fan can prevent airflow and regular operation.

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Benefits of AC Repair

Be guaranteed that Xpress HVAC technicians know their craft. Once they arrive at your home, rest assured your AC problems are over. From blower motors, compressors to wirings, filters, refrigerant tanks, refills and more, our repairmen have all replacement parts in their truck. You need not spend much on repairing your AC.
Repairs are greatly recommended as it leads to increased efficiency, cleaner air, and improved reliability. At Xpress HVAC, we offer cost-effective and unbeatable service plans that’ll be of great benefit to your AC.

Benefits of AC Repair
Air Conditioning Repair

Is Air Conditioning Repair Enough?

Repairing your air conditioner has both its advantages and disadvantages. Our service technicians are adept at dealing with all kinds of AC systems, so they can tell if all you need is a simple repair. You might want to consider some factors before repairing. These factors include:

The age of the unit: An AC unit that has been in use for close to twenty years has probably reached the end of its lifespan.

Energy Efficiency: AC units that have been working for 15 years ought to be considered for replacement.

The frequency for repairs: Frequent repairs of AC systems can be pretty stressful, discouraging, and expensive.

Why Contact Xpress HVAC for Your AC Repair

With Xpress HVAC, you’re assured of customer satisfaction regarding your air conditioning repair and replacement. Our HVAC contractors will diagnose the issues affecting the functionality of your AC unit. They will observe all the necessary steps required to keep it running efficiently and effectively. Our servicemen will guide you through your options and possible outcomes.
Irrespective of the kind of AC system, we offer emergency service on AC repairs at Xpress HVAC. If a replacement is needed, we operate cost-efficient plans which avails you the opportunity of getting the best quality systems. To take advantage of our $89 tune-up bonus package or book a free estimate, contact us at (800) 495-8378.

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