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Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution

Most homeowners are concerned about the risk of indoor air pollution. We at Xpress HVAC are committed to ensuring homeowners enjoy clean air at all times. We have thoroughly vetted and highly experienced technicians certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) and Google for Home Services.
Indoor pollutants take a massive chunk of home air pollution compared with outdoor pollutants at a ratio 5 to 1.

Many people spend their time indoors, meaning there is a lot at stake if the air is polluted. Therefore, the importance of indoor clean air cannot be overemphasized. 

Below are a few of several factors that can cause indoor air pollution.

Volatile compounds — This is chief among the indoor pollutants as they come from toxic ingredients from most household products.

Mold: Homes that allow mold colonies to thrive will face this challenge of having air pollution, causing mild allergic reactions and at times may lead to severe respiratory distress.

Carbon monoxide — this is common in homes where fossil fuels are burnt regularly. It is a colorless and odorless gas that can cause lots of health problems if allowed to accumulate.

The levels of indoor air pollution vary from one home or office to another. Here are some contributing factors for the disparities:

Housekeeping practices: The buildup of dust, molds, and other related dirt can increase air pollution in the home.

Another cause which most people do not consider is the use of cleaning products containing harsh chemicals. 

Personal habits: Indoor smoking, burning incense, and paraffin candle lighting is another significant cause of indoor air pollution.

Lack of ventilation: Airtight offices and homes, which is a crucial feature in new homes have a higher chance of indoor air pollution than older home structures.

Faulty furnaces — carbon monoxide rises to toxic levels with heating system malfunction.

Dirty filters and ductwork — this may lead to the circulation of an airborne particulate in and around the home.

High level of humidity — molds develop better in damp conditions.

Fortunately, there are solutions for those who intend to minimize indoor air pollution levels. An excellent way to start is by doing a home air quality inspection, which helps you know the best option to get rid of the indoor pollution:

Air filters — our skilled technician at Xpress HVAC can determine the ideal HVAC maintenance schedule, which incorporates changes to the air filter, which will significantly reduce indoor airborne particulate level. 

As a bonus, regular replacement of air filters reduces utility costs and keeps the unit running efficiently. 

Air purifiers — various indoor air purifiers may help reduce airborne pathogens.

Air duct cleaning — cleaning your air duct is a great way to keep the air in your home clean and safe. 

Xpress HVAC is experienced in air duct cleaning and maintenance to keep your home free of unhealthy contaminants. 

Air duct Sealing — we also recommend duct sealing to prevent attic particulates from entering your home via ductwork.

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