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Air Duct Cleaning With Xpress HVAC

Every day, dust, dirt, and other contaminants are blown into your vents. These harmful substances impact the quality of the indoor air you get. Like every responsible homeowner, the quality of indoor air should also be one of your top concerns. 

Undeniably, dusting, and vacuuming is an effective way to keep a living environment clean. However, there are debris and other particulates that find their way comfortably into your ductwork and settle there for years. 

When you turn on your HVAC system, these potentially harmful pollutants are quickly circulated and returned into your home, making your earlier effort futile. That shouldn’t keep happening! 

Interestingly, at Xpress HVAC, we offer premium air duct services to every homeowner. Our ultimate goal is to improve your indoor air quality by getting rid of these potentially harmful pollutants. But you might wonder, why is it essential to get rid of these toxic substances?  

These contaminated air ducts that lead to indoor air pollution have caused respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchial infections. Also, it’s been verified that they are capable of causing allergies.

Now, think about this: If indoor air pollutants can result in these health conditions. What chance do folks who are already battling with these health conditions stand? The answer is quite apparent! 

Does that not tell you why air duct cleaning is such an essential aspect of your home? Are you battling with these health conditions, or you do not want to contract it? You are in safe hands!

We don’t want you to have these conditions or even get aggravated. You can allow us to help you by letting us take charge. We want to improve your air, health, and quality of life.  Are you wondering if you need air duct cleaning? Okay, examine these frequent and common air ducts problems.

Common Problems with Air Ducts

Do you know why many do not care about their air ducts? They do not usually see the faults. Meanwhile, one vital part of your home is the air duct system. Let’s examine these common problems that occur in air ducts. 


Mold, dust, pollen, animal dander, air borne pathogens, and other harmful contaminants are collected in your ductwork, resulting in an indoor air quality that’s 100% more toxic than outdoor air. (This is based on EPA estimates).


The narrow passages that a duct generally has are easy to get restricted. It gets restricted by rodents, birds, damaged duct work, and human error.

Poor Sealing

When the grills and registers are not properly sealed, contaminants like insects and debris quickly get in.


Poor sealing leads to air duct leakage. It makes the ducts lose air. This prevents your HVAC system from retaining a relatively comfortable temperature. The cooling and heating units will also work quite harder.

Design Flaws

When ductwork is poorly designed, no doubt, the obstruction can be experienced. This will make it susceptible to collecting dirt. The twists and kinks can also block airflow.

The Pros of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

A professionally cleaned ventilation system offers your HVAC smooth operation. The effectiveness of these has impacts on your home. It makes your home either to be heated or cooled faster, leading to more energy efficiency.

It lowers utility costs and extends the lifespan of your home’s air conditioner in the long run. More than just filters, duct cleaning is even applicable to high-end filtration utility. Apart from the health of adults, children and pets in your home are also negatively affected by debris, bacteria, pollen, dirt, and viruses.

Our air duct cleaning isn’t limited to residential homes; we extend it to commercial buildings where occupants can enjoy cleaner air, resulting in indoor air quality, limiting the number of times workers get sick.

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Benefits Of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Air Duct Cleaning: Processes Involved

At Xpress HVAC, we are punctual, thorough, and most important of all, experienced! Our technicians adopt modern and advanced duct cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure that airflow is unobstructed and that clean air is abundant indoors. 

We are capable of eliminating the buildup of dust. Also, we utilize sanitation techniques like HEPA duct deodorizing and vacuum cleaning. We will also inspect your design for leaks, damage, and problems to swing to the right action to enhance efficiency and function.

Contact Xpress HVAC for Efficient and Professional Air Duct Cleaning

We offer quite affordable air duct services to enhance the quality of your air ducts. We keep your air efficient, clean, and improve indoor air quality. We have an exclusive X protection plan that leads to efficiency savings and gives priority service. As a result, you will get regular maintenance every air duct should get. 

At Xpress HVAC, we offer yearly inspections and tune-ups. We also give discounts on repairs. 

Our services extend to: 

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Inland Empire

Be assured that at Xpress HVAC, we can address all your commercial and residential air duct cleaning needs. To get a free quote or book an appointment, call (800)495-8378.

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