Dryer Duct Cleaning

If your clothing comes out of the dryer clean and comfy to wear, I’m sure you’ll feel nice about that. However, this can be quite difficult to achieve without a subsequent dryer duct cleaning procedure. It will cause your dryer to lack the right efficiency and not produce the right results.

If you’re the type who doesn’t consider this, be warned, most launderers hardly consider this too until when a problem arises. It is why dryer duct cleaning is a very vital service that must be carried out often without fail. If you take this for granted, it can lead to a complicating issue in your home.

You might be wondering what complicating issues can arise without proper dryer duct cleaning maintenance; here are some of them: 


Failure to clean your dryer duct system will result in the accumulation of dirt, debris, hair, and other residue types that will start building up to form a blockage in your duct. Though these items might be considered as ordinary dirt and waste, it gets to a point when they dry up. During the process, they tend to also heat up because of their dry nature, and this could lead to a fire accident. 

Thirty-four percent of fire accidents caused by dryers are a result of a lack of duct cleaning. One of the best ways to avoid these fire accidents is to ensure that your dryer ducts are subsequently cleaned. Don’t think about skipping because there might be consequences.

AC Fire Problem Solution
Damp Clothes

Damp Clothes

Once you discover that your dryer has lost its efficiency and ability to dry, there’s a chance that your ducts are clogged with dryer duct lint and hair. The chances of moist air escaping from your dryer will be limited. Once moisture begins to accumulate in your dryer, it will lead to more heating and less drying, which will eventually leave your clothing’s damp and undried.

Mold Problems

Since the irregular cleaning of your dryer causes moisture to accumulate inside, it leaves a humid condition that invites the likes of molds and other fungi to start developing. Not only will your clothes stay damp, but these molds can also attach to your clothing, and this can later result in health issues due to the toxic nature of molds. Once the molds keep thriving, they have a way of gradually contaminating your home’s atmosphere. Never take a risk that will be detrimental to your family’s health; go for top professionals; contact Xpress HVAC for your dyer duct cleaning services today. At Xpress HVAC, we uphold the necessary safety regulations that enable us to provide the best services for our esteemed customers. 

Mold Problems

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