Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection

XpressHVAC Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing has the most state-of-the-art drain/sewer inspection equipment on the market. We use a specialized fiber optic camera to view the interior of drain and sewer lines and identify problem areas without any digging. By placing optical equipment down the sewer line rather than digging up your yard or driveway, we help you save both money and time! We use a fiber optic camera attached to a long, flexible cable, which is a cost-efficient way to detect leaks. 

Why You Might Need Plumbing Camera Inspections

Video sewer line inspections allow us to spot leaks with speed and accuracy. We look for cracks, breaks, misaligned pipe, and loose connections where sewage is leaking from. Cracked drains and collapsed drains can be identified right away so we can go ahead and fix them. If there is a clog, we can see exactly where the blockage is, making it easy to go in and clear it. We can even take mineral build-up measurements to determine the best solution for correcting the problem and ensuring it doesn’t come back anytime soon. Other issues we look for are rust, corrosion, and tree root intrusion. Trees send out their roots to search for water underground, and sewer lines are a reliable source of water. If there is any moisture around the pipe, tree roots can grow around, into, and inside of it causing a host of problems. If you notice slow drains, sewage backups in your home, or sewer odors, it’s time to call a technician to conduct a real time analysis using an advanced video camera system.

Benefits of Video Camera Inspection

Time and costs savings

Without cameras for inspection, the only way to find plumbing problems is to break up walls or dig underground. Investigating your sewer line this way often means digging by trial-and-error, which is disruptive, tedious, and expensive.

More efficient repairs

We can check aging sewer lines, which enables us to see early signs of corrosion and deterioration and prevent the need for major repairs later. It also shows us exactly where to do hydro jetting or trenchless pipe relining, if necessary.

Clog and obstruction locating

When we see a clog, we can decide on the best way to clear it or break it up. If it turns out to be a valuable item, sometimes we are able to retrieve it; depending on the blockage, we can make suggestions on preventing future issues, especially if it is grease, oil, hair, or mineral buildup.

Real-time mapping of sewer lines

If you are planning renovations or construction, we can use our sewer camera inspection system to measure pipe lengths and other specifications, tracing your sewer lines to identify exactly where they are.

Inspection of new homes

We can help meet regulatory requirements for inspections or check plumbing and sewer lines before you move into a new home. Therefore, you can know exactly what problems if any are lying hidden on the property.

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