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At XpressHVAC, our technicians are the leading sewer cleaning experts in the industry. Proper cleaning can clear a blockage and avoid damage to other utilities infrastructure serving your home. If debris is causing a sewer drain problem, we can use snake equipment to clear the problem or advanced techniques such as hydro jetting. Our technicians are highly trained in all the methods we employ. They are extremely thorough and, in addition to resolving existing issues, aim to prevent future plumbing problems such as leaks, flooding, and expensive repair bills. Our service technicians are prompt; they are dispatched to your home the same day you call.

How to Tell if Your Sewer Lines are Clogged

If there is a clog in your sewer line, here are some signs there may be a problem and you need a professional plumber:

Multiple drains are backed up: The toilet, bathtub, shower, and other bathroom fixtures back up all at once, possibly along with your kitchen sink. Water may also back up in the shower when the toilet flushes.

Drains are slow: If water is draining slower than normal, there may be a blockage that will only get worse if not taken care of soon.

Drains are smelly: If a foul sewage odor is coming from your drains, or water is backing up, a main sewer clog may be present.

Sewage is standing in/draining out of the sewer cleanout: A main sewer blockage will do this; the pipe connects to the main line and allows plumbers direct access to the sewer line.

Sewage collects in the floor drain: With nowhere to go, water from the pipe will enter the secondary drain and collect around floor drains in your home.

Common Causes of Blockage

  • Grease, oil, fats, and even detergent or soap residue poured down a drain, which can build up and clog up the line. Pour hot grease into a container and discard it when it solidifies, rather than wash it down with hot water.
  • Shampoo that goes down the shower drain; similar to grease and other substances, it can collect in pipes and block the sewer line. Hair buildup can act in the same way, causing the symptoms of a sewer line blockage.
  • Flushing items down the toilet that shouldn’t be, including facial tissues, disinfectant wipes, swiffers, paper towels, hair, tampons, plastic, or diapers. Throw these in a trashcan instead, so they don’t block sewer pipes.
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Whether you notice a slow drain, sewage leaking up to your floor, or an outdoor sign of a problem, contact XpressHVAC for help as soon as possible. Our residential sewer and drain cleaning technicians can get to the root of the problem and perform the necessary cleaning and repairs. We’ll leave your pipes as clear as they were when new. Backed by the X Protects standard, our sewer and drain cleaning services are the most affordable in Southern California. Contact us today for free, friendly estimates; professional service; and expert sewer line cleaning. For a free quote, call (800) 495-8378.

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