Tree Root Removal

Professional Tree Root Removal Service

If a tree root has broken through your sewer line, depend on the experts and call Nexgen! With our X Protects standard, we provide safe and effective removal, precision repairs, and preventative solutions to inhibit future growth.

Common Problems with Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots can cause sewer lines to collapse. The cause is not always an intrusion from the tree roots themselves; it is sometimes the soil collapsing down on the sewer lines due to pressure from the roots. If there is a tree in the direct line of a sewer pipe, and it goes uninspected, severed joints and collapsed sections of piping may result. The damage may then be more widespread than localized in a single area. A tree doesn’t have to be that close to a sewer pipe to cause trouble. Growing tree roots spread out as live trees seek out water sources and nutrients. Moist or leaking pipes are ideal for roots to grow around, penetrate the pipe lining, and grow inside, completely blocking sewer or water lines. Even the slightest pinhole or hairline crack is enough for the roots to get started. At first, you might notice slow drains. Then tree roots can catch solid waste, which blocks the drain pipe and can back up through the toilet and drains throughout your home. Waste, odors, and bacteria and other hazards from the pipe line system can wreak havoc inside, unless something is done about the situation. If your plumbing hasn’t yet been clogged with roots, Nexgen can prevent further damage to your home by detecting potential problems as they’re starting. Don’t let your problem get too big, Nexgen can provide regular inspections on your piping and sewer lines, preventing full blockages and burst pipes.

Root Removal

How We Remove Tree Roots

There are several preventative solutions we can use to fix your tree root problems. If there is a blockage, Nexgen can find exactly where it is using a video camera to inspect your pipes, using the same type of equipment for home drains to enter through landscape drains if necessary. We can address the blockage with:

Drain snakes

An auger, or plumbing snake, is a flexible metal tube that can be drawn through a pipe that can push a clog through. A rotating cable can dislodge tree roots if they can be broken up, until they no longer block your pipe.

Rooter machines

Mechanical cleaning machines that cut roots apart with sharp, fast-rotating blades. A rooter can work for larger, thick-growing tree roots that have invaded your sewer line.

Hydro jetting

Using a pump and hose with a specialized nozzle, we can direct high pressure streams of water into a pipe to break up tree roots. We’ll then inspect the drain with a camera to check for damage.

If the damage isn’t severe, we can dig and cut off the tree roots. Some customers use a root-repellent inside their soil to prevent the tree roots from getting out of hand. At Nexgen, we prefer not to resort to chemicals because there’s a chance repellent could get into the pipes. We use safe and eco-friendly solutions to address tree root intrusion. However, if the roots have caused major damage, the only solution is to replace the piping, which we can do with fast, non-invasive methods such as trenchless pipe relining.

Benefits of Tree Root Removal

Tree roots can spread out underground up to three times farther than a tree’s branches. Removing the roots, even if a tree has been cut down, can prevent:

  • Further growth that can endanger the same pipe or other sewer/water lines.
  • Roots from lifting sidewalks and other pavement, causing safety hazards.
  • Damage to foundations due to root intrusion or soil subsidence as roots absorb moisture.
Root Removal

In some species of trees, roots grow close to the surface and can be exposed through soil erosion, freezing and thawing, and human activities. Removing them can eliminate trip hazards or obstructions that can damage lawn mowers. Sometimes, roots can wrap around the trunk of a tree, restricting the supply of water and nutrients. You can protect the tree by cutting the roots, unless it would cause so much damage the tree’s nutrient supply would be cut off. Being proactive can both protect the tree and prevent tree root intrusion. To further prevent problems, you can plant landscaping that doesn’t have penetrating roots, install barriers to prevent root growth, and hire a plumber to check plumbing lines for possible root trouble. If regular maintenance and inspections are performed it could save your entire plumbing system! Overall, regular and consistent maintenance and inspections cannot only save you from disaster but save you a lot of money too!

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