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We specialize in heating installation, repair, and maintenance, providing dependable service.  Homeowners all throughout the region rely on us. If you want a heater or thermostat set-up or maintained, you can rely on Xpress HVAC to be available. Xpress HVAC is Google endorsed for Home service.

Whether you need maintenance or have an unexpected breakdown, we are ready to take it up. We render 24/7 emergency services all through Southern California. If your heater stops, starts cycling more often, or is loud, call us immediately and we’ll find the cause and solve the problem right away.

Heating Services

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Heating Installation

Xpress HVAC installs gas and electric units. Our experts can install and maintain packaged heating units. Each unit is installed professionally to ensure it operates perfectly well, and expeditiously without any refugee issues. 

In case you have an older system, we can come around for a free estimate and replace an old heater with a perfectly sized and efficient unit. We install high-efficiency, multi-speed gas and electric units, that give solace all year round.

Heating Repair

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Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance

You never can tell when your heating system will go faulty. Even a well maintained enclosed unit could go faulty. Out of such crisis entail a broken heat exchanger, clogged filter, slack blower belt, pilot control issues, and electric ignition, among other mechanical faults. 

Give us a call if you observe an unusual sound that may signal a blower that’s blocked or worn out ball bearing. Also, we can ascertain whether a problem is emerging from a defective or not well-set thermostat. Questions can be easily spotted and solved by our experienced technicians.

Heating Repair

Heaters nowadays have many sustainment points—detecting problems with fan blades, flame sensors, ignitions, capacitors, gaskets, and pressure switches.  Allow us to see to it early and avoid more pricey breakdowns. We can also look at the air ducts to check for blockages, leaks, and other problems that can soothe comfort and air quality. Schedule a regular tune-up to access your unit and look out for leaks, fuel pressure problems, or signs of wear and tear for the system to run dependably.

Besides greasing the motor and other mobile parts,  we can ward off unnecessary wear and untimely damage caused by recurrent friction.

Heating Repair

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