Heating Installation

Xpress HVAC Heating Installation and Replacement Services

At Xpress HVAC, our experts are professionally trained to deliver quality services. We also leverage the expertise of top-notch businesses that are certified for home services. 

Below are some of the top reason to choose Xpress HVAC for your heating installation services:

Xpress HVAC Heating Installation
Xpress HVAC Heating Installation

Professional installation

Our installation processes are 100% efficient and successful. Greater thanks to our experts.

Free evaluations

Where do you need our services? At no cost, we can pay you a visit to evaluate and advise you on the appropriate type and size of the furnace or heat pump.

Free estimation

To enable your budget's easy planning, we deliver accurate estimates at no cost for your heating installation and maintenance. Thanks to our experts who know precisely what you need.

What Makes Us Special at Xpress HVAC?

Are you contemplating getting a new heater, or you want to repair installed ones? We can assure you of unmatched quality. 

We make use of units that come with a warranty. Our units are highly energy-efficient. This assures you quality. 

All of our furnaces and heat pumps are covered with warranties. That’s exceptional

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Xpress HVAC Furnace and Heat Pump Units

Whatever your heating needs are, we have the right equipment to meet your expectations. Some of the equipment in our inventory includes the following. 

Single and Two-staged multi-speed gas furnace model, which features silicon nitride igniters with continuous air circulation. 

We also have a high-efficiency modulating variable-speed gas furnace. It also includes a variable speed induced-draft blower. All of which are of high and top quality. 

Several energy-efficient heat pump units support quiet operation. They are designed with complete aluminum evaporator coils and features a multi-speed ECM indoor motor enclosed within highly galvanized steels.

The Ductless single zone heat pumps ensure you have optimum cooling and heating in your home. Amazingly, they are energy efficient with ratings of up to 20 SEER and can cover an impressive 1,600 square feet.

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Available Xpress HVAC Plans for Unit Maintenance

Xpress HVAC has all it takes to help you maintain your heating system. Our goal is to ensure that your system keeps running without any trouble. As such, we have prepared experts to address your needs at all times. 

You are going to enjoy a unique service window even when there is high demand. This will include constant furnace repair and replacement at all times. 

As long as you reside in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or the Inland Empire, etc. You can easily lay your hands on our unique and highly affordable heating and cooling services at Xpress HVAC.

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