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Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, Xpress HVAC employs verified technicians who can be trusted to get the job done right the first time. Our team, in addition to being trustworthy, prompt, and reliable, can deal with any problem. They even arrive prepared as our trucks are stocked with fan blades, flame sensors, gaskets, pressure switches, igniters. Any other furnace parts you could possibly need. Xpress HVAC is conveniently located in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, including the Inland Empire. Our employees and trucks are dispatched throughout Southern California, making it easy for us to reach you. In addition to professional service, we offer competitive pricing and free estimates. A thorough inspection when you suspect a problem allows us to get to the root of it and perform the necessary repairs. All our work is quality guaranteed.

1 in Heating and Furnace Repair

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We can address the following problems with your heating system:

Temperature fluctuations

Frequent changes in temperature, even when you set the thermostat, indicate a problem in the system that we can find and fix. Lack of heat: Insufficient heating may mean a clogged filter or improperly sized furnace, while no heating can be due to a range of problems.

Low air pressure

A lack of air coming from your HVAC vents can mean there’s an equipment problem or blockage in your ductwork.

Dirty filters

If a filter is dirty or clogged, it reduces airflow, which makes the furnace work harder; this can damage the limit switch (which controls the fan).

Lack of maintenance

Periodic checks can prevent unexpected problems; routine maintenance can avoid breakdowns and improve reliability and efficiency.

Rising energy bills

If your heating system is using more energy, your utility bills may go up unexpectedly; if so, an inspection can help identify the problem.

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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump isn’t producing heat, the thermostat may not be properly adjusted. The wrong thermostat may have been installed, or there may be a lack of power from your main electric panel. From dirty air filters to problematic coils and fans, a lack of heat can have many causes. Xpress HVAC technicians can service the system to fix any issues, even if outdoor coils and supply and return registers need to be cleaned or the heat pump fins are bent. Reduced airflow, even from dirty filters, can damage the compressor. Cold air from the vents signals a problem as well, which may involve the thermostat or air handler. A defective control module or defroster timer may be to blame, while low refrigerant levels or blockage by leaves or grass can also trigger a problem.

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